Project Preparation Tips


We have prepared several tips to help you prepare your project for production. By following these steps and understanding the printing process will help ensure your projects look the way you planned and that the production of your piece will not be held up due to corrections.



Top 4 Printing Terms To Know:


>> Bleed Area: the term used when printing goes all the way to the edge of your product.  If you have images or backgrounds that you want to bleed off the edge of the paper, you must create your file slightly larger than the finished size. To create a bleed, make your document 1/8” larger on all four sides. Any ink that extends to the edge of the product should extend at least 1/8” outside the final trim size. Not allowing enough bleed could result in a white border after final trim.


>> Resolution: The number of dots or pixels of an image. The higher concentration of dots or pixels per inch, the sharper the image will be. Tailormade Printing requires a dpi/ppi of at least 300 to ensure your printed project is crisp and clear.


>> CMYK Color Mode: short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black and is often referred to as process printing or full color printing. This subtractive color model mixes the four ink colors above to create full color printing. Submitting your files in CMYK color mode will give you the best results with regard to the final printed piece.


>> RGB Color Mode: Red, Green, and Blue. These are most commonly used with television screens and computer monitors but are not used in offset printing. RGB files should be converted to CMYK prior to uploading your file. Colors may need to be adjusted after the conversion and may not appear correct on your monitor.


Check out our complete glossary of printing terms to learn more!



Below are some more tips and tricks that will help you ensure your products turn out just they way you and your clients imagined.