Frequently Asked Questions - Project Preparation


Why does so much white space need to be left on the back of a postcard?


The United States Postal Service (USPS) has strict regulations for layout of mail pieces. To ensure your piece is designed to receive the lowest postage rates possible, please visit or download one of our mailing guideline templates.



What size should the indicia be?


For most print pieces, the indicia will be approximately the size of a postage stamp, about 1" square, and should be located in the upper right corner of the piece.



Do you have stock images I could use to create a product design?


Yes. Please contact your Printing Consultant for more information.



How close to the trim line can my text and images be?


Text should be at least 1/8” from the trim line to ensure copy is not trimmed off during the cutting portion of our process.



How do I create solid black using CMYK?


You can create a rich black by missing other colors of ink with black to produce a deeper, darker black on press than you can achieve by using black ink alone. To create this ‘process black’ the CMYK values must be 50% Cyan ( C), 40% Magenta (M), 40% Yellow (Y), and 100% Black (K).



What resolution should my images be?


For best results we recommend having a resolution of 300 dpi. If your image resolution is lower than 300 dpi, the image quality in the printed piece will suffer.



Can I print a low res image if that is all that I have?


Tailormade Printing will produce your project using any files you approve, however we do not recommend printing any image that is less than 300 dpi. Images with a resolution below 300 dpi may appear fuzzy in the final printed piece.



Can you convert my project from RGB to CMYK?


Because we are printing using process color, files need to be CMYK. If you submit an RGB file, we can convert the file for you at an additional cost or you can convert the file and resubmit.  Changing from RBG to CMYK will always produce some color shifting. Tailormade Printing strongly recommends that you convert images to CMYK prior to submitting your order. If color is critical, we also recommend you order a paper proof to ensure the color in your file is the color you expect on the printed product.