UV to Aqueous Conversion

There are several reasons to switch from UV coating to high gloss aqueous. Here are just a few:


  • Aqueous is crystal clear and non-yellowing over time.
  • 50% reduction in the energy footprint required for application.
  • Water soluble, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Eliminates VOC Emissions created by UV clean up solvents, and environment impacting disposal of UV.


FAQ's About the Change:


Q. How will the product's price be affected by the coating change?
A.  There will be no change in price as a result of the coating change.


Q.  You already use gloss aqueous coating on your 4/4 products, so why have two different coatings?
A.  We chose the high gloss aqueous coating because its gloss is closer to that of the UV coating than is our standard gloss aqueous currently used on 4/4 card products.  Using the high gloss aqeuous on 4/4 products would lead to longer dry times and extend production time on that product, so we will continue to use the gloss aqueous on 4/4 card products to minimize production time.


Q.  Is high gloss aqueous coating as shiny as UV coating?
A.  When held side by side, the high gloss aqueous coating is not as glossy as the UV coating, but it does present a smooth, gloss finish and is a more environmentally friendly choice.


Q. Does the coating change affect product production time?
A.  Because this coating is quick to dry, there will be no change in production time.  We'll still produce card products as quickly as 3 working days.


Q.  Besides being a little less glossy, does the coating change the look of the product in other ways?
A.  Because high gloss aqueous coating is crystal clear,  products with this coating have brighter whites and are less likely to yellow over time.

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