Custom Distribution Services

Kitting, Fulfillment & Distribution


Tailormade Printing also offers customized fulfillment, kitting services, and inventory management to ensure timely delivery. By offering the convenience of printing and fulfillment services all under one roof, working with our company will save you time and money.


We can kit items we have produced for your customer, items from other vendors, and items they have at their own location. Just ship them directly to us and we can package and distribute these kits for you. No matter how complicated or how many versions, we can handle it.


Since all of these services are handled in-house, your fulfillment is handled in a matter of days rather than weeks.


Storage includes inventory control with monthly reports and daily shipping. We can devise a minimum usage level and provide you with ways to order product that will dramatically reduce your inventory costs.


We are an Authorized UPS shipping outlet and also offer Fedex options so our clients have a choice of shipping services to best suit their needs.