Custom Print Portals


Centralize, manage and distribute with a click of a mouse.


Maintaining a consistent brand identity is one of the toughest challenges marketers face. Our corporate portals provide a single, secure online location branded with your corporate identity.


  • Personalize and customize marketing pieces through custom templates
  • Streamline the process of ordering collateral materials
  • Reduce management, printing and production costs
  • Distribute custom, targeted and automated direct mail campaigns
  • Maintain approval authority and track orders



What is it?


Our custom corporate portal is a passwrod-protected custom website hosted by Tailormade that serves as a secure central ordering hub for all of your print and promotional materials.


The portal allows you and your associates to customize marketing materials online through online design templates, place and track orders and maintain spending authority.


Contact your distributor to schedule a tour of our demo portal.


Pricing depends on the number of design templates created, volume of printing ordered through the portal and the number of portal users. Contact your distributor for an estimate.