The Tailormade Team:

Bringing the true value to Tailormade


Although a lot has changed since 1927, we've never lost sight of our greatest asset: our customers. Individual attention, quality service and fast turnaround times have allowed us to develop one of the most loyal distribution networks in the industry.


We rely on distributors to sell our products and services and you rely on us to produce top quality products you can be proud to sell.  That’s why we have developed a team of printing professionals to help you with every step of every project. 


These teams are composed of people from different departments who bring the appropriate skill sets to production, finishing, and distribution of your project.  You’ll work with a dedicated Printing Consultant to develop your product and then with a Project Manager during production and distribution - all this to ensure you receive the highest level of service along with the results you’re looking for in a printed product.


The people dedicated to help you build your business understand the pressure you're under to produce on time, with no room for mistakes. We strive to offer the best combination of innovative and personal service in the printing industry today. Our network of distributors put the utmost trust in our ability.



Printing Consultants


At Tailormade, value means so much more than price. It means quality, consistency, dependability and service. Your printing consultant is the member of our team who is dedicated to helping you select just the right product with just the right price for your customers. They are our direct mail and targeted list experts and can provide you with invaluable advice on how to sell printed products.



Project Managers


Our team understands deadlines. That's why you'll work with a Project Manager who is trained in managing print projects from start to finish. Each of our project managers know their customers, the intricacies of their jobs and their customers' buying habits.


One of our goals is to ensure that the communication between Tailormade to the distributor and the distributor to the customer is as seamless and effective as possible. We want our distributors to be able to answer any questions their customer might have about their project, as if it was being printed by the distributor themselves. Therefore, you'll receive project updates throughout the process and if you have a question, you'll know exactly who to call. Each of our resellers rest easy knowing they will receive personal attention throughout the process.